A burgher’s house in Banská Štiavnica
Dining-room%20with%20ship-barThe interior of this building indirectly gave a rise to the Spectrum ART Association. Concept of typical mining house interior was designed by Juraj Čutek in years 1997-2004. Two-storied house has a lot of nice nooks, perspectives and views. The whole interior is made-to-measure with many decorative elements. On the ground floor is situated knight´s hall, marine dining bar, kitchen, winter garden with passing towards fitness. Upstairs are bedrooms, living rooms, trophy room. On the second floor are the bedrooms of children. Many art objects formed the basis of exposure on the Fair of Monaco in 1999.


Art Nouveau apartment on Rybná street in Bratislava
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis apartment is located on the second floor of apartment building in Bratislava. The apartment was conceptually designed by Juraj Čutek and Spectrum ART team in 1999-2002. It has an interesting entrance part with an open kitchen-dining room, workroom, library and bedroom. It is set to the Art Nouveau period by the form and expression. Furniture components, accessories, stucco and window-panes fit into a compact concept. Artwork and details were also displayed at the exhibition in Monaco 2000.


S.A.M.C. Club premises.


Club premises are located on Panská street in Bratislava. The original requirement was to create a club, billiard rooms with bar and facilities in the spirit of the old colonial clubs. The central element under balcony is a semicircular bar with big facilities and a billiard table. The walls are decorated by works of Spectrum ART artists. Interior features were firstly exhibited in Monaco in 2001 and later transferred to Bratislava. The club serves exclusively to the Community Spectrum ART.


Štefánka café in Bratislava
DSC_0081Spectrum ART succeeded in 2004 to implement overall revitalization of Štefánka café´s interior, based on contemporary research and private initiative. Interior rises from original historical photographs but using new technologies and appropriate formative changes, the capacity of café has doubled while preserving higher comfort. Café serves the needs of the Association Spectrum ART but it is possible to rent rooms for private parties, including service, kitchen and wine cellar.


Spectrum Art Gallery, Main Square in Bratislava


Community had shortly available the premises gallery on the Main Square in Bratislava. It is a single-storey area with a separate gallery, show windows to the street and basement area. The interior of original stucco decor was modified to antiques and contemporary art gallery premises. On the walls were used cloth wallpapers from Thailand. In the basement part was a depot of Association works. It was an unique opportunity for a permanent exhibition and presentation of Spectrum ART artworks.


Big sized apartment on Panská street


It is a burgher’s apartment, located in the former premises of the casino, used in the 19th century. Spatially richly structured plan included: bigly designed salon with stucco together with kitchen part and workroom, rest areas of bedrooms with wardrobes and a separate library. Intensive reconstruction required a sensitive approach considering the nature of the interior. Works were completed in 2005.


Family house under Slavín
Dom3-1Good reputation of Spectrum ART team craftsmanship spread in Bratislava and so in 2006, it implemented a library and workroom interior in a house under Slavín, for the entrepreneur in the building industry. Full wood paneling with setdown library niches and a decorated library with small framework with tiny witty sculptures complements a painted ceiling with hanging boat corpus which serves as a central lamp. Motif of ceiling painting is exploring the unknown places on earth, harbors and oceans, combined with the motives of the zodiac and cardinal directions. The sculptures depict various allegories and literature characters. The premises are complemented by painted sliding doors.