Peter Pollág
Peter%20PollagPollág Peter was born in Levoča on 19. 2. 1958. He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava and the Academy di Belle Arti in Perugia. The biggest influence on his work are masters of brush as Želibský, Hložník and Brunovský. Later as an assistant at the University completed working internship in Paris, San Fernando and Madrid. Author belongs to the current profile figures of Slovak painting. Variety of his themes ranges from mythological metaphors, through a new interpretation of biblical themes and historical and literary stories. He often travels in order the world of his paintings absorbed ideas not only from domestic but also beyond Europe cultural traditions, especially from China and Africa. Besides paintings, he deals with the drawing, book illustrations, graphics and plastic art. Peter Pollág holds several national and international awards (most recently Krištáľové krídlo – Crystal wing). He has exhibited virtually in all continents. Peter is a schoolmate and generational colleague of several Spectrum ART artists.

František Lipták
LiptakHe was born in 1962 in Spišská Sobota. He spent his childhood in Poprad. He graduated from SŠUP in Košice, Department of Graphic Art and later the College of Performing Arts in Bratislava, theater scenography under prof. Ladislav Vychodil. From 1986 has worked in almost all Slovak theaters, but also in theaters in the Czech Republic and Poland. He is the founder of an independent theater company Teatro Tatro. He has created several successful performances at home and abroad. He is also devoted to film scene, where as an artist co-works with many leading directors of Slovak cinematography of the 90s. He is dedicated, besides the scenography, costume and poster creation and illustration, to free intimate painting, which is known for his atypical background figurativeness on fairytale landscapes. Simple stories, or moments of life are captured with ironizing nonchalance. His atypical paintings were exhibited in Bratislava, Zakopane, Prague, Vienna, Vancouver, Hanover and Paris, where he exhibited along with Juraj Čutek.

Oto Bachorík
Oto%20BachorikHe was born on 26. 3. 1959 in Bratislava to artistic family. His father is a graphic artist and mother a textile designer. He completed secondary education at SŠUP in Bratislava in carving studio of Ludwik Korkoš. He was later admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture at the prof. Ladislav Snopek and Jozef Porubovič. Since graduation in 1984, he is a freelance sculptor, member of the Association of Slovak Fine Arts. His wife Zuzana Rabina is a graphic artist and painter. Nature tof Oto Bachorík meets the atmosphere of symposiums which he likes to participate. He works with material of stone, wood and bronze and very successfully combines these materials also. He intimately understands the mass and creates a perfect material reflects of the shape and soul sculptures. He exhibits at home and abroad, often in tandem with his wife or another high quality painter. He completed more than five joint exhibitions with Ivan Pavle.

Marian Oravec
Oravec%20MarianHe was born on 22. 11. 1958 in Bratislava. In the years 1974-78 he studied at the School of Applied Arts in Bratislava. He completed College of Fine Arts in Bratislava in the period 1978-84, the Department of book illustrations and free graphics with Professor Albín Brunovský. He is dedicated to painting, drawing, illustrations and graphic art. His unmistakable paintings are painted with great patience and passion for detail. The author works on one picture for several months, resulting is usually board painting with internal story, reminding paintings of Dutch masters. He lives and works in Bratislava. He spent several years abroad, mainly in Australia. He has exhibited in Bratislava, Split, Melbourne, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Utrecht. In his graphics and oil paintings dominate mythological motifs and scenes. Most of his works are owned by private collectors. Some of his graphics are exhibited in private gallery Danubiana in Bratislava.

Ondrej 4.
Ondrej%204He was born on 28. 8. 1975 in Bratislava to artistic family of father Ondrej Zimka Sr., famous painter and his mother, famous actress Milka Zimková, as the fourth Ondrej in the order of Zimka generation. He developed his inherited talent at Secondary Industrial art school in Bratislava, where he graduated in the Department of Stone Sculpture in 1993. He continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in the atelier of Prof. Jozef Jankovič. He was influenced in his work also by a sculptor Andrej Rudavský. In 1997 he completed internship at University in Newcastle. Since 1999 he cooperates with Martin Pala and Stano Kič in the joint atelier (Tri kamene) The three stones. Author works often with material of bronze and stone. He actively participates in collective exhibitions and symposiums. He has creative stay in Cité in Paris and exhibited in many joint exhibitions at home and abroad. He exhibited together with his father and sister in the Gallery of Ján Koniarek in Trnava and had first major solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art-Danubiana in Bratislava in 2005.

Jana Brisudová
Brisudova1She is the only sculptor – woman (35yrs.) who implements her work in the material of bronze. The years of studies under doyenne of Slovak sculpture Tibor Bártfay are reflected in her work, mainly in modelation and decent construction of statue and relief, in linking mythological topics with current vision but also in decent craft mastering of bronze technology. She has worked more than 10 years in her own atelier. She herself represents her style of work as New Art Nouveau. She is called Galaxia by her close friends; allegedly she looks into this world from another perspective, the cosmic one. She was awarded many prizes in Italy several times, where she also exhibited, had several authorial exhibitions; she also exhibits within Slovak artists club (Spolok výtvarníkov Slovenska). She is supported by Association Spectrum ART in her exhibition activities (Doba bronzová, Zo zeme zrodené).

Martin Pala
Martin%20PalaMartin Pala was born in 1975 in Bratislava. His parents are famous glass artists: Štěpán Pala, artist and a sculptor in the area of glass, a student of prof. Václav Cigler and Zora Palová, an expert of glass utilization in architecture. Martin Pala graduated School of arts in Bratislava. Wood forming and wood-carving under prof. Marián Mudroch showed him the way to consistent understanding of the material used. There followed a year stay in Vienna at Hochschule fűr Angewandte Kunst, Department of metal processing, led by prof. Ron Arad. Thereafter he finished sculpture studies at Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, led by prof. Juraj Meliš in 1994-1999. Behind his proficiency erudition are the sculptors Andrej Rudavský and Jozef Jankovič. In 1999 he founded together with his friend Ondrej Zimko and Stano Kič a sculptural atelier Tri Kamene (Three Stones) in premises of metal foundry in an old mill in Stupava. Cooperation of our community with them dates from 2002.

Alexej Vojtášek
Alexej_Vojtasek_1He was born on 13. 12. 1952 in Roudnica nad Labem in Czech republic. His parents came from Moravia. He graduated Secondary Technical Art school in Bratislava in 1973. He studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava in the atelier of Albín Brunovský in 1974-80, where he briefly acted as a teacher later. His work is represented by drawing, graphic art, illustrations, intimate and monumental painting. Within his mezzoabstract work, he tries to go under the line of showed by meditative interpretation of the motif which is linked to the old civilizations ´symbols. He created his own iconography and new symbolic language connected with geometrical signs. Pentagrams, squares, triangles are varied together with soft figurative shapes. He arises from the philosophy of ancient cultures ´signs. Lexo is practically our stable close artist, he is linked with the Association Spectrum ART by many common activities and exhibitions.

Ľudovít Strompach a Šarlota Štrompachová
StrompachovciHe was born on 9. 4. 1955 in Handlová to the family of artists, father Ľudovít Štrompach and mother Magdaléna, both of them were painters. They significantly worked pedagogically in Upper Nitra. Father was later devoted to restoration of paintings. After graduating the Grammar school n Prievidza served in the army for two years. After finishing it, he worked as junior restorer in Art crafts in Bratislava. He studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Department of paintings restoration led by prof. I. Mészarošová and prof. V. Úradníček in 1980 – 1986. After graduating it he has worked as a freelancer. He lives and works in Bratislava with his wife Šarlota Štrompachová. She was born in 25. 2. 1960 in Bratislava. She studied at Secondary school of Applied Arts in Bratislava, Department of wood-carving in 1975 – 1979 and at Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Department of art restoration-painting in 1980 – 86. The couple is currently dedicated to restoration and art works in their common atelier in Bratislava. They restored many art works for Association Spectrum ART.

Daniel Hevier
hevier-portretDaniel Hevier was born on the 6th of December 1955 in Prievidza. He is a recognized Slovak poet, novelist, playwright, screenwriter and songwriter. He graduated from the Slovak language and aesthetics at the Philosophical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava. During his studies he worked as an editor of the literary department of the Czechoslovak Radio. Later he was a professional freelance writer. After 1989 he became the editor of “Mladé Letá” and since 1992 leads his own publishing Hevi. This publishing house has published over 100 titles. Daniel is a pioneer of creative writing, working with young people, leading many workshops, writing poetry, prose, essays, stories and translations. He first met with the Community Art Spectrum when he worked on texts for the book of Ivan Pavlov and Juraj Čutek.

Milan Lukáč
Milan%20Lukac%20portret%202He was born in 1962. In 1981-1987 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in the field of sculpture under Professor J. Kulich and L. Snopek and in 1985-1986 at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris under Professor Jean Cardot. Since 1990 he works as a docent at the Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. He is devoted to a chamber and monumental sculpture, painting, drawing and graphics. In 1998 he won the prize Prix-Itinéraire in Salon Levallois. In 1990 he won the prize of the Academy of Fine Arts of the French Institute in Paris. The creation of Milan Lukáč comes out of modern traditions of pop art subject. Out of sculpting materials he likes to use mainly metal and wood, but the most often he makes objects combined from various materials, mainly pieces of metal scrap.

Viťo Bojňanský
Bojnansky%20portretHe was born in Bratislava in 1962. He studied woodcarving at the Secondary School of Applied Arts (1977-1981) and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava /1981-1987/. He is dedicated to a chamber and monumental sculpture and painting. Out of sculpting materials he uses wood /coloured/, stone, metal and he casts into bronze. He participated in several sculpture symposiums and in years of 1999, 2001 and 2004 in a creative stay in Paris, CIDA. A sculpture like a picture, a picture like a sculpture – this is how we could describe the creation of Viťo Bojňanský in short, because although he is an educated sculptor, the painting found in his creation an equal place. If the majority of artists are looking for a path from a surface to a space, with Viťo Bojňanský it is the opposite. He is actually trying a more difficult process – to modify spatial qualities into the surface.

Štefan Polák
Stefan_PolakAcademic painter Štefan Polák was born in Partizánske /Baťovany/ in 1952. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava under Professor L. Černický and docent F. Gajdoš. During his pedagogical activity in the Department of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (1979-1986) he as the French government scholarship holder experienced an educational stay at the École Internationale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. This six-month stay in the “mecca” of the art enabled him to broaden and deepen his professional knowledge about the French and world art. Polák was charmed by the France and after 1989 he comes back to his loved country repeatedly.

Lenka Šimonyiová
Lenka-Simonyiova-portretShe was born in 1981. She is one of the youngest generation of Slovak glassmakers. She studied at the glass studio at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava four years under the guidance of docent Juraj Gavul, acad. sculp. She completed the studies under the guidance of Viktor Oravec, acad. sculp. In her creation she develops the more traditional positions of glass plastics following a Cígler’s school tradition of the rational geometry. A technology of an optical glass cutting forces her to get rid of formal layers and that is why her artistic speech is based on pure geometric shapes moving forward to a composition of structures. In these glass compositions she creates an illusion of reality and reflection, reality and dreams, felling, atmosphere…

Stanislav Kiča
Stanko-Kica-PortretStanislav Kiča sa narodil v roku 1981 v Bratislave a venuje sa komornej i monumentálnej sochárskej tvorbe, ktorú realizuje v ateliéri Tri kamene. Je členom Spolku výtvarníkov Slovenska a vystavoval na mnohých výstavách doma i v zahraničí. V roku 2012 realizoval monumentálne súsošie Jána Palárika v jeho rodisku Raková. Pracuje predovšetkým s kovom, ktorý reže, seká, zvára, odlieva, patinuje i cizeluje a často ho spája v nezvyčajných kombináciách s prírodným, len hrubo opracovaným kameňom. Trojrozmernú a otvorenú priestorovú kompozíciu svojich komorných plastík autor v poslednom čase často premieta do podoby reliéfneho sochárskeho „obrazu“, keď v širokom ráme vytvára uzavretý priestor ako scénu, na ktorej sa odohrávajú jeho čarovné príbehy.

Katarína Vavrová
Vavrova-fotkaKatarína Vavrová was born in 1964. In 1979-1983 she studied graphics at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Bratislava. In 1990 she completed the studies of book illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava under the guidance of Professor Albín Brunovský and Karol Ondreička. She is devoted to free graphics, bookplate, painting and drawing. The world of Katarína Vavrová is dominated by the woman, who is its content and core. One time we meet with a fragile and gentle woman, another time with a dominant and independent or quiet and melancholic woman. The artist promptly selects from the repository of her dreams and memories. Those are the magical attributes completing the atmosphere of the inspirational world, some kind of a fairytale thirteenth chamber, where unusual things happen. She creates in the area of classical painting techniques on paper, graphics and digital print.